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DO YOU HAVE A life you want to live, 

with constipation, diarrhea, bloat, abdominal pain and exhaustion?

Are you frustrated your gut just keeps getting in the way

of this amazing life you've built?

Here's the thing...

Just because it hasn't worked for you doesn't mean it's not possible.

It simply means you are stuck in symptom management and are missing critical pieces of the puzzle.

What we do inside our Virtual Clinic is unlike anything you have experienced before.

Quite simply I am going to help you uncover the damage, deficiencies, and infections causing your symptoms, highlight your blindspots keeping you stuck, and provide a roadmap to health.

Ready to see if the Love & Trust Your Guts Program is right for you?


This is for you if:

  • You have a zest for life but are being held back in your activities (like travel), profession and life goals because of your constipation or diarrhea, gas, bloat, acid reflux, and/or abdominal pain, sucking the life out of you. 

  • You want to be able to show up your best self for your family and in your career and not feel so exhausted and irritable. 

  • You are the type of person who figures things out but can't figure out what's wrong with your gut

  • You've had the tenacity to research doctors and protocols and while they haven't been the right fit, you're not giving up.

  • You've likely worked with nutritionists, health coaches, and personal trainers so you have solid overall health habits.

  • You have support at home either with a partner, friend group, or therapist.

  • You approach your health with curiosity, enjoy learning, and are willing to take imperfect action.

Who this isn't for:

  • If you are looking for a restrictive or elimination diet such as low FODMAP, gaps, SCD diet ext. (food is not the problem- your gut is) 

  • If you are looking to manage or suppress their symptoms or are seeking a quick fix.

  • If you know you struggle to stick to a plan and always have a reason why it’s not possible for you to implement a protocol or make changes.

  • You have developed beliefs that it’s not possible for you to heal, that you are a special case and find your symptoms flaring deeply triggering, so much so it can throw you into an emotional tailspin. 

  • You aren’t taking responsibility for your health and have a tendency to blame your circumstances as to why you can’t show up for yourself.

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Hey there!


I’m Alyssa Labrecque, the founder of the Love & Trust Your Guts Program, Functional Nutritionist and Gut Expert.

After watching my sister suffer from colitis, I went on a mission to help my sister heal only to discover my own fluctuating constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloat wasn’t normal. I know firsthand how frustrating, painful and scary gut-related health issues can be.

Long story short, after making all the mistakes, trying all the things and finally healing myself, today I help people regain their zest for life, show up their best selves for their families and in their careers by overcoming their constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloat, acid reflux, and abdominal pain. 

It’s time to learn how to truly love and trust your guts because there is so much goodness available to you on the other side of your gut issues. 

My Love & Trust Your Guts Program helps you become the detective of your health uncovering healing opportunities within 4 main categories.



Step 1 get tested (learn more about our results reviews and how you can get tested here). Step 2 is where you will learn how to fix the damage, deficiencies and infections that we uncovered in our testing through our Love and Trust Your Guts Program. Without testing, you are driving blind. Data from your body is so so important. What becomes extra frustrating is when you have had the testing done and are told “everything is fine”. This is the importance of having a trained functional practitioner who understands the patterns to look for and the trail that infections leave behind. It’s not as simple as “positive” or “negative”, which is why your test results are only as good as the person reading them.


Food is not the problem and where most programs take a restriction approach, we take a replenishing approach. It takes energy to heal and your body gains energy from the nutrients you consume. Now is not the time to be cutting out whole healthy foods, which is why we are not only going to teach you what and when to eat, but how to overcome the food fear and distorted food rules your mind has developed as a result of years of restriction.


Food is a great way to maintain a healthy body, but once damage and deficiencies set in, our nutrient requirements are much higher and harder to meet just through food. Supplements will not only fill in the gaps in your nutrient intake but also serve as a booster when your body is feeling, weak and tired. They will drive and guide the removal of what does not belong in the body (pathogens and toxins) and add back in what is depleted (your nutrients).


You can’t out-supplement or out-eat a shitty lifestyle. Unresolved stress, overdoing, unhealthy work environment, people pleasing, lack of boundaries, toxic relationships, poor sleep habits and negative self-talk all contribute to damage, deficiencies and infections within your gut. In the LYG Program we provide a safe container with journal prompts and coaching to help you cultivate radical alignment in your life so you can feel most alive.


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The Love & Trust Your Guts Program is a 6 month program


Depending on the severity of your gut issues and your needs, we have two levels of support available.

What's included:

Coaching with a trained Functional Nutritionist and a team of Holistic Nutritionists to help you regain quality of life and confidence in your body by troubleshooting symptoms, finding blind spots, and shifting out of flares fast. 


Weekly accountability check-ins so you can finally feel fully seen, and supported and not just be the person helping others. 

A personalized roadmap to a functioning gut. This brings everything from testing and the data from your body, supplements, foods, and lifestyle together to increase your energy, reduce your mood swings and improve your presence with your family and your performance in your career. 


Access to our food, mood, poop, activity, and sleep-tracking app.

Journal prompts and tangible stress management tools to unpack the damage your gut has done to your self-esteem. 

Access to our database of extra resources addressing root cause + root cause solutions of a wide range of symptoms and illnesses so you know how to support your body fully.


A non-restrictive personalized gut meal plan where you’ll learn what and when to eat to avoid reactions. Confront and overcome the food fear and distorted food rules your mind has developed as a result of years of restriction while trying to fix your gut.


Our database of 400+ recipes for inspiration 

Package Options

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Ready to see if the Love & Trust Your Guts Program is right for you?


Client Success Stories


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Ready to see if the Love & Trust Your Guts Program is right for you?

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