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Without clear data, you are driving blind…

You've probably already been to your doc and had tests done, but medical screenings (like colonoscopies, endoscopies, CT scans, etc) are designed to diagnose diseases and conditions (like IBS, gastritis, GERD, colitis, etc).


Proper Functional Testing is designed to uncover damage, deficiencies and infections within the body that are causing your symptoms and impacting the functionality of the body.

Where a colonoscopy could tell you your bowels are inflamed...


A functional qPCR DNA stool test will tell us what specific pathogens are chewing up your intestinal lining, creating that inflammation and explains why you may be experiencing abdominal pain, food reactions, bloat and unpredictable poops.


While a gastric emptying test may tell you you are struggling to digest and things are moving slow...


A GI Map test will not only tell you if you are producing enough digestive enzymes but also WHY your production is being hindered creating all that bloating, food reactions, fatigue and acid reflux.

You see the difference?

What we do is unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

And what’s scary is the numbers confirm this…


When polling our community, we uncovered only 4% have done proper functional testing. 


** Jaw. Drop ** 




What we learned, is many people don't know where to get these tests without a doctor, or can't find someone who knows how to read them properly.

What’s worse is 61% of our community has been told that “everything is normal”, even though they 

are either waiting to poop or waiting to stop 

are resorting to baggy clothes to hide the pregnant-looking belly bloat

are snapping at the kids & spouse because abdominal pain and cramps have you on edge

can’t go out for date night, or eat at restaurants because of the endless food reactions 

feel uncomfortable in their body and don’t want to be touched let alone have sex. 

Everything is NOT “normal”. 


And listen, maybe you are in a different boat… maybe you’ve had the proper functional testing, but you have found yourself here because despite the testing and the supplements that have been recommended to you, nothing is working and you can’t help but feel like there is some piece of the puzzle missing.

Your test results are only as good as the practitioner reading them.

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Hey there!


I’m Alyssa Labrecque, the founder of the Love & Trust Your Guts Program, Functional Nutritionist and Gut Expert.

After watching my sister suffer from colitis, I went on a mission to help my sister heal only to discover my own fluctuating constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloat wasn’t normal. I know firsthand how frustrating, painful and scary gut-related health issues can be.

Long story short, after making all the mistakes, trying all the things and finally healing myself, today I help people regain their zest for life, show up their best selves for their families and in their careers by overcoming their constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloat, acid reflux, and abdominal pain. 

In order to do this, you need to get properly tested and figure out what infections, damage and deficiencies are going on inside your gut. And that is exactly what I’m here to help you with.


Before any supplements, before any dietary changes, and before you start doubting if it’s possible for you to feel normal, you MUST know what you are working with. 


No more random digestive enzymes when you don’t even know where your enzyme levels are at. 


No more random probiotics when you don’t know what strains you are depleted in 


No more restrictive diets and eliminating foods when you don’t know what infections are causing those food sensitivities. 


No more late-night google sessions when your gut is flared up.

It’s not working.



Our goal with the Test & Consultation Package is to assist you in getting proper functional testing and then providing private consultation to identify the specific damage, deficiencies, and infections that are causing your gas, bloat, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, and abdominal pain.

What's included:

One Private Results Review Consultation with Alyssa

Discounted Functional Labs

Ability to order Functional Tests without your doctor

Test prep protocol and instructions to ensure test accuracy


(Lab fees not included)

GET the test & consultation package for

Without clear data, you are driving blind...


And the truth is, it's a big reason you are feeling worn out, throwing shit to the wall, and hoping it sticks.


No more guessing, k?


If you are serious about getting answers about your gut issues, let’s figure out what’s going on inside your gut before you sign up for another program or buy another supplement.


  • How is the Love & Trust Your Guts Program Different then others?
    The Gut Health Industry is full of programs that hyper focus on symptoms and isolate only small aspects of healing. You may have even done programs before that focused on a particular diet, or another program that focused on detoxing, or even a program that focused on just SIBO or other single infections. All of these pieces and so many more are all critical parts of your healing, but they cannot stand alone. One piece without the other is an incomplete puzzle, leaving you still stuck in your symptoms, frustrated and skeptical. The LYG Program is a high touch program where you have direct access to trained functional practitioners and merge not only testing, food, supplements, lifestyle, emotional connection behind your symptoms but all the critical components within each. In our time together you will cover: Step 1: Drainage pathways & Stress Step 2: Stealth Infections Step 3: Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins Step 4: Mold & Yeast Step 5: Viruses Step 6: Replenish deficiencies Step 7: Maintenance From there you have the option to continue on to replenish any deficiencies (eg. enzymes, beneficial bacteria, vitamins, minerals) and then move into maintenance. You see there is a certain pecking order when it comes to fixing the gut. Your 30 day candida cleanse won’t do much, until you address Steps 1-3. Your probiotics won’t do much until you address Steps 1-5 Your SIBO keeps coming back because you haven’t addressed Steps 1-3 I’m not interested in masking your symptoms, I’m interested in helping you uncover why they are there in the first place and showing you coach up the function of your gut. Fast does not mean faster results, thorough does and that’s what we do really well here. We address all contributing factors with the utmost care, presence and expertise. What we do is unlike anything you have experienced before.
  • Will my gut be fixed in 6 months?
    This really depends on the severity of your gut issues. The program is 6 months. Long enough to get you clear data on the damage, deficiencies and infections that are inside your gut and a roadmap to correct them. Depending on the severity of your gut issues, it’s common for healing your gut to take longer which is why we have options for continued support after your 6 month program ends so you can see this all the way through.
  • How much do supplements cost?
    This is a tricky question because every single person’s needs are different. Testing will give you more clarity on what’s needed to get your gut back to working order. Having said that, inside our membership site you will have a standard protocol that acts as a catch all to cover any and all infections, the supplement cost for this is around $350 per month give or take. Having said that this is just a framework and we recommend using the guidance in our membership site and in your coaching to make customizations for your bodies individual needs and this can change the cost of your supplements.
  • How much does testing cost?
    The cost of testing for those in the USA and outside of North America is $469 USD. Testing for those in Canada is $549 USD. Because the labs are located in the United States, testing is in US dollars. We do not sell you the testing and so testing cost is out of our hands. What we will do is get you connected with third party labs where you can order the tests directly. Costs may be subject to change.
  • Are there refunds or cancellations?
    In the event you want to cancel your program, you are welcome to do so, however refunds are not available and clients remain obligated to pay all remaining unpaid Program fees in full. We take fixing your gut seriously and we know that the program works for the people who work at it. Not only are my team and I going to give you 100% but you need to be 100% willing to show up for yourself and do the work as well. If you are not ready, that’s a-ok. Signing up for the program means you are 100% committed to keeping your promise to yourself and seeing this through.
  • What is included in the membership site?
    Our membership site is a Health Hub of extra resources dedicated to how to info. It's like Google, but without the contradicting inaccurate information. We are pretty damn proud of it. In here you will find supplement recommendations for specific conditions, food lists, recipes, tools to help you feel confident with food again and resources to lower your stress. Our database of extra resources will help you understand the root cause + root cause solutions of a wide range of symptoms and illnesses so you know how to support your body fully and so so much more. All other customized protocols and recommendations for your individual body will be shared directly into your client file inside our client app.
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