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3 Reasons It's Ok To Be A Hot Mess

I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to convince myself, and the rest of the world that I am NOT a hot mess, that my car is always tidy, my house immaculate and my shit together. The reality is every once in a while it looks like I live out of my car, my house and especially my kitchen looks like a grenade went off and I’m a blubbering mess. I was taught this was bad, not lady like and unsuccessful so it became my little secret and the second that someone made comment gloves were on and I was ready for a boxing match.


How we do anything is how we do EVERYTHING! I really didn’t want to admit that my car was a mess because that really meant so was everything else and in many cases we have been taught that if we're a hot mess than that would mean we're not successful, liked or even loved. Well not so much! So here are three reasons why it's ok to be a hot mess and still be a successful and loved individual.

It Does Not Define You

You see what we need to come to understand is that you can be a hot mess and still have strengths. You can be a rock star mom balancing kids, family and work; you could be a successful business owner, a leader, communicator and or friend, all while being a hot mess. This is simply a reflection of your ability to ground and balance yourself in all your strengths. It does not deny you of those skills. The reality is in the midst of disregarding YOUR reality, you are actually rejecting yourself and there is nothing more life sucking than that right there.

It Does Not Control You

The only things that will ever control you are the things that you give permission to do so. I’ve learnt to hone my inner hot mess. I recognize my pattern of pulling it all together and watching it slowly become a mess again and then repeat. I’ve also come to know how I can change that pattern by bringing awareness to it and grounding myself to prevent that whole blubbering mess part. Grounding activities such as meditation, breathing, smudging (find out how in my free guide) and colouring are just some of the ways that you can balance yourself so you can still be an effective hot mess.

It's What Makes You Uniquely You

I’ve never met a hot mess like me and ill probably never meet another hot mess like you either. It’s what makes you unique. You bring a beautiful twist of hot and mess with a whole batch of other ingredients. Stick that baby in the blender of life and recieve an amazing recipe of all that you are and THAT is why people love you so embrace it all.

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