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The Three Types of Energy Gifted To Us

We all have three types of energy gifted to us every day. Usually it is suggested we ask a Higher

Power for relative proportions of these to stay sober and to help us to get through our daily lives. These are physical, emotional and spiritual. With these three types of very diiferent powers, a person should be able to maintain themselves in every respect for each day without compromise. However, there are those who struggle with other conditions be it mental and/or physical maladies that act as

significant hurdles throughout all we do on any given day. These are our personal challenges. Some

are great and some minuet but upon realizing they exist for us is when we should begin to adjust

how we distribute our energies to regain balance within.

lmagine for a moment there are three scales similar to those of Justice that represent our three energies all teetering on a centerpiece which represents us. At the beginning of each day, checking the balance of these scales helps ensure against catastrophe. Now, going about our day we encounter people, places and situations that attempt to offset our balance by consuming one or more of our energies. Most of us are aware of the amount of energy certain circumstances will expend on our gifts such as our family, boss or 5:00pm traffic, however when our energies are maintained and equally distributed between these factors, things tend to go better for us. It is when we fail to check or do what's necessary to replenish our energy levels each day that we run low on one or more and we become more and more unbalanced until we stop and regain our balance. Some will do this through prayer, meditation, walking or exercising and many other personal ways we know that work for us.

So when starting your journey each day try to remember to check that your energies are just as prepared and present as you would your suit, lunch or briefcase. You never know who or what is going to consume your energy at any moment but remember it's always your choice whether you let it and lf so, how much of each it takes. Life will always have it's ups and downs but the more energy we have and the more balanced we remain in each gift, we will find LIFE lS GOOD.

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