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The Balance Between The Emotional & Physical Body

Our Health is our greatest wealth. If we don’t have our health, what do we have? I believe that over time many of us inadvertently disconnect from our mind, body, and spirit and, slowly our bodies become unbalanced, stressed, and out of alignment. The stresses of everyday life piles atop our shoulders and we carry this stress, this weight, wherever we go. We take it to bed with us and wake up tired, depleted, and generally unwell. When we carry these stresses, we develop dis-ease, meaning our bodies are not at ease with themselves. This causes us health issues, migraines, extreme lack of energy and motivation, anxiety, and even depression. When we don’t release these stresses, they remain in our body, and the energy they create transforms into pain.

Our bodies are always working toward a state of homeostasis, but when we pile stress, unhealthy food or substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc., it becomes overloaded and cannot detox as quick as it would like. I always refer to the body as a vehicle; we can’t expect a car to run properly and efficiently if we do not maintain it.


Our eating habits are a great place to start. It’s important to be mindful of what we put into your body, unhealthy foods makes us feel, well, unhealthy! It takes loads of energy for our body to process foods that lack nutrition because it takes energy to search for the nutrients and vitamins in which it can’t find; this is why we often feel tired after eating junk food. It’s basically ‘dead food’, making us feel lifeless.

We can also try natural methods such as Reiki Energy Healing. Reiki Energy Healing is a holistic therapy in which a practitioner such as myself aids you in bringing your body back into balance using Universal Life Force Energy. We are made of energy and, as I have mentioned before, there are many stressors that can put our energy out of balance. Through Reiki Energy Healing, your body is given ‘permission’ to relax, release, and revive itself by going into a deep meditative state. During a session, hands are placed at different areas of your body, allowing the energies to interact with each other, resulting in a balancing. We seldom take the time to stop and just ‘Be’ with ourselves. We seem to forget about the importance of the mind, body, and spirit connection, and how disconnect can cause dis-ease. By going within, we can address and release conscious and unconscious traumas that have been stored energetically in our bodies. When you experience a traumatic situation, the emotion you feel is turned into energy. When we don’t release the energy of the emotion, it becomes stored in our body’s cellular memory; this is when the energy of the emotion can turn into pain because it has nowhere to go. Traumatic experiences from your past can still cause emotion and pain. It needs to be released from your energy field, which is why Reiki Energy Healing is extremely beneficial to any healing journey. Reiki Energy Healing is also very beneficial to woman who are struggling with infertility. I have assisted four woman who have become pregnant after receiving Reiki. They were stressed not only by life, but by the expectations and difficulties of becoming pregnant.

To read more about Reiki and Infertility, please visit here. Another helpful method of release is crying. Our tears contain cortisol, the stress hormone, which is why it feel so amazing and calming when you cry. So don’t hesitate to cry when your need to!

It’s important to the health of our well-being to take care of all aspects of our mental, our emotional, our physical, and our spiritual needs. You can envision these four elements as the foundation of your home; if two or more supports are unbalanced or missing, the structure cannot remain standing.

Going within and connecting with self through Reiki/Meditation can be life-changing. It’s taking the path back home and learning to forgive yourself and others. It’s learning to love and accept yourself, and it’s a time to be vulnerable and allow your body to just ‘Be’ in stillness and in peace.

When we surrender to the stresses and provide an outlet for their release, amazing transformation can take place.

“Once you go within, you will never go without.”

Vanessa Marie Dewsbury

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