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Got Digestive Problems? Raw Veggies Aren't Helping!

The number one nagging tip you hear when planning to get healthy is to eat more vegetables and if you have followed along closesly you may have even heard that eating raw is where it's at. They are jam packed with nutrients and even have enzymes to aid in the digestion of foods, until you are bloated, gassy and in pain after eating them. Not the glowing review they promised.

The truth is raw vegetables are definitely an integral part of a healthy eating lifestyle, BUT there are some exceptions to this rule and this one size fits all approach has really got to go!

If you are struggling with digestive issues, raw vegetables may not be where it's at. Bloating and gas after eating raw vegetables is a good sign of a weak digestive fire.

The goal is absolutely to be able to get to a point where both raw and cooked vegetables are integrated into the diet, but starting with a custom approach for your body is really where it's at!

Signs You Would Benefit From Cooked Vegetables

  • You can identify food in your stools

  • You experience gas and bloating

  • You have stomach pain after eating

  • Smoothies make you feel bloated

  • Vegetables or vegetables juices are giving you diarrhea

Benefits of cooked vegetables

  • Cell walls are less rigid, making it easier for the body to digest and absorb nutrients

  • In some cases, such as carrots, it increases the nutrient content of the food.

  • Still contain fiber, especially when steamed or baked over boiling and microwave

Cooking To Maintain Nutrient Contents

One of the number one things you will hear being argued against cooked vegetables is that they lose their enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals when cooked. While it is in fact true that when cooking you will loose some nutrients, how you cook them is what really matters.

Avoid boiling and microwaving and stick to steaming and baking. Overcooking your vegetables is also what makes a difference. Allow some life to remain in your vegetables, the goal is not wilted , mushy broccoli.

Tired of the gas and bloating?

to get healing your gut today!

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