What Everybody Needs To Do Before The End of The Year


Have you ever had lingering regret, sadness, or even feelings of hurt long after something has finished? You may have even had a positive memory or experience that when reflecting back left you feeling this way down. This can often be a sign that closure is needed.  


Closure is one of the most important pieces in letting go of a significant piece of one's life and finding complete acceptance of what has happened, allowing for a shift into something new. Whether it is the ending of a relationship, job, stage of life or way of thinking, getting closure will allow you to move your best foot forward. 


So before we wrap up the chapter of this year, I encourage you to walk through these steps of closure so you can move into the new year with a fresh slate. Here are the questions you will want to reflect on. 







(This could be lighting a candle, or burning your paper with the answers to the questions above)




Finding closure will hopefully give you an opportunity to move into the future unburdened and see what you have learned from people, places and events in your life, even if they didn't work out the way you thought they would. 



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