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The Quickest Way To Fix Your Gut

The gut is the hub of your bodily health and you would be surprised at just how many illnesses are a result of a gut imbalance. Proper break down and assimilation of nutrients from your food is required in order for your body to distribute nutrients to allow each bodily system to thrive, but it needs to start with proper digestion of these nutrients in the first place. A underactive stomach can lead to a whole host of issues preventing your body from thriving, leaving you bloated, fatigued, inflamed, skin breakouts, mood swings, irregular bowel movements and so much more.

If you experience regular bloating, gas, angry bowel movements and fatigue, then you may have tried to resolve this with cleanses, diets, foods and more with no such luck. After years of suffering thinking my constipation and pain was "normal" I decided to stop dragging myself through the day feeling like crap and transform my body.

Today after transforming my body and as a Nutritionist having worked with clients suffering from the same digestive pains, the quickest way to fixi your gut is to remove the gaps in your protocol by tackling these 4 steps.


the bad stuff. Inflammatory foods (gluten and dairy), highly processed, toxic foods (soda, deep fried foods or any other boxed or processed food like substance) and high amounts of processed sugars (milk chocolate, candy, soda, etc.). Oh, and don't forget about stress... it's got to go too!


with critical supplements to strengthen your gut. Seeking a holistic practitioner who can guide you through supplements specific to your bodies needs is recommended.


the gut lining. There are many supplements that can assist you in healing your leaky gut. In my experience L-glutamine is my favourite for getting the job done, in conjunction with my other recommendations. L-glutamine is an amino acid supplement that is anti-inflammatory and essential for the repair and growth of your intestinal lining.


with healing foods. Enjoy whole living foods including your vegetables (especially dark leafy greens), fruits (in moderation), nuts, seeds and legumes. Adding in a digestive enzyme such as hydrochloric acid will also be an essential ingredient for proper digestion and absorption.

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