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This Super Common Health Issue Could Be Behind Your Constipation

So you haven't had a poop in 3 days and right about now you are feeling bloated, clothes are fitting tight and the discomfort of being so back logged is making you nauseous.

You may have tried laxatives and they have certainly done more than the trick in the past, often putting you into diarrhea, which is just what you wanted, right? (Ok, not really!) Maybe you've even tried extra fibre in your diet, more water, less caffeine and while your efforts may make some progress, it's usually temporary.

The truth is, there are many factors that can be contributing to your constipation and in order to truly make peace with the toilet, doing one or two things, while beneficial, itsn't going to get you the long lasting results that you so desperately want.

Food Sensitivities

One of the most commonly unaddressed causes of constipation is food sensitivities. When all else has failed, getting to the bottom of what foods just don't jive with your body is super important in reducing inflammation in the body that is contributing to not only the constipation you are experiencing but also the bloating, nauseousness, and fatigue.

While each and every person's food sensitivities will vary from one to the other, there are certain foods that have an inflammatory effect on the body no matter which way you slice them. Here are two foods that are notorious for creating constipation and are food sensitivities.

  • Dairy

  • Gluten

Now, you might be thinking "I could never give up dairy", "Bread is a time saver" or "I feel fine when I eat these foods" and you may even be tempted to just stop reading right there, but clearly somethings gotta give. Here is what you need to understand:

You're not getting away with it...

While you might feel like you can eat dairy and gluten with no repercussions, I'm sorry to inform you that's not the case.

Hair like structures called villi line the walls of the small intestine. These villi are what allows your body to absorb nutrients. When dairy and gluten are eating, these gluey, sticky foods coat the villi and cause inflammation. The villi are forced to secrete mucous to push these foods through your system (ever had to clear your throat of mucous after eating a meal? Yup, that's why!).

With over consumption of these inflammatory foods, your villi become damaged and flatten. Damaged villi hinder absorption of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats causing nutritional deficiencies leaving you tired, foggy and yup, you guessed it... still constipated.

Dedicating yourself to eliminating these foods for 2-4 weeks (no cheating, your body will know), in conjunction with your other constipation relieving efforts will only prove to be beneficial.

If constipation persists seeking out a holistic practitioner who can guide you further into fixing your gut and food sensitivity testing, is important to prevent further health issues down the road.

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