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The Perfect Poop Looks Like...

Have you ever checked out your poop before? I'm talkin' about size, shape, texture, smell? I sure hope so!

Before you cringe and give me the icky face, I want you to understand just how awesome your poop really is! It tells a really important story about exactly what is going on in your body so if you haven't already grab your magnifying glass (joking!)... just your eyes and nose will do and take a peak at what package you've deliver in the lieu.


You can leave your measuring cup in the kitchen because there really isn't a hard fast measurement we need to hit, but little pellet poops are not going to be enough. Aim for a banana sized bowel movement... give or take.


When it comes to droppin' a log the shape should be between a smooth banana or sausage and chicken nuggets.


Everybody has their own brand, but if you are finding your stools are particularily ripe, let this be a sign that your body could be carrying a heavier toxic load and it may be time to consider a cleanse, pending your bowels are moving 2-3 times a day without strain.


Your banana or chicken nugget shaped stools should both be defined, formed and should be easy to pass. If they are hard like pellets or soft like oatmeal, you have some work to do and it is not something you want to ignore!


I hope you leave the bathroom with a 10/10 experience. The feeling of relief of releasing any waste and toxins your body no longer needs should feel well... great!

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