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5 Possible Causes Of Stomach Pain

The nauseous, gurgling, ripe, unsettled feeling you have in your guts may have you skipping out on a night out with friends and resorting to "safe" foods that will hopefully not make things worse, but do you know what's really causing it? Here are five possible causes for your unhappy tummy!

Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities in my opinion are one of the most underrecognized keys to improving your health. Whether you have food sensitivities is a whole other debate (although you very likely do), but if you can just imagine if a robber continued to come into your home almost every day, and sometimes more than once a day, can you imagine the disruption and damage it would cause?

Simply put, this is what happens when a food your body is sensitive to continues to enter the body. It gets recognizes as an invader and turns to attack this food, so your energy gets spent trying to protect your house, aka... your body. Furthermore, because there is a sensitivity to this food particular, your body struggles to digest it, creating inflammation and eventually pain.

The best way to identify your food sensitivities is to seek out a holistic practitioner to

do a blood panel giving you the exact road map to avoiding added pain.

Leaky Gut

Intestinal permiability (or leaky gut) is best visualized like small tears in the gut lining. A healthy gut is designed to protect your body from food particles, toxins and bad bacteria such as parasites from traveling through the blood system. Studies have shown that leaky gut can cause inflammation and this imbalance in the gut often brings gas, bloating and pain.

Underactive Stomach

You may be wondering what could cause an underactive stomach or a depletion of digestive enzymes and if this really pertains to you. Stress, dehydration, antibiotics, environmental toxins and overeating are all causers of an underactive stomach and since each of these are so prevelant in north american lifestyles, there is a darn good chance that this could be a factor for you.

An underactive stomach results in food particulars not being broken down effectively for maximum absorption, leaving undigested food particles in the gut. These food particles begin to ferment, creating a gas build up causing the gurgling, ripe, unsettled feeling you may be experiencing.


I'm a call it like it is kinda gal, so let me put it to you straight. If you are full of shit... literally, your body is likely going to tell you about it in the form of discomfort and pain. Constipation is a serious issue that must be addressed immediately. Without proper elimination of waste and toxins, your body becomes back logged forcing toxins to be reabsorbed into the blood system. The sheer bloating from being full the brim will create bloating and pain that will have you begging for relief.

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