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So You've Been Diagnosed With IBS, Start Here...

So you've started to realize that you are extremely constipated or maybe even experiencing violent diarrhea (which you obviously can't miss). You're stomach gurgles through the day, gas is leaving you embarrassed and at this point, you aren't sure what to eat and are left wondering why your body has abandoned you.

You figure it's time to check in with the doctor because clearly there is something seriously wrong. You call the doc and with great excitment look forward to the day of your appointment at which time you are hoping for some answers that will validate how you are feeling and with that hopefully a plan to fix it.

The day comes and you walk into the doctors office, he listens as you describe the strange events that your body has been experiencing with a bit of desperation and hope as if to say "you've got the answer right? Because I can't take this much longer."

It's at this point that one of two things happen...

1. You are told you are fine, perhaps you should just stop eating the foods that hurt your stomach and if you need it pick up some restoralax, metamucil, imodium, heck anything that will patchthe symptoms of your lack of poops or uncontrollable poops. Oh and have a nice day!

You either go home defeated at this point or you decide to be an advocate for your health and demand testing and answers, at which point you fall into number 2...

2. The doctor determines, we need some tests done. You figure this makes sense and the next thing you know you are running through what feels like every test known to man with some not so pretty exploratory tests including up your bum (just what you always dreamed of, right?).

You get to the other side and after a few appointments, you have ruled out some more serious issues such as cancer, crohn's or colitis and your doctor informs you "it's just IBS", follow the FODMAP diet and have a nice day.

This is the exact point at which your frustration hits an all time high (if it hasn't hit already).

"JUST IBS?" You think to yourself...

The amount of pain, discomfort, humiliation and defeat you have felt certainly feels more than "JUST IBS" and can I be honest with you? Can we just call it like it is?

This is what I'm sure you are really feeling (with a bit of a filter on)...

"Holy SH*T!! THIS (beep) is IBS and it is ANNIHILATING my insides! p.s. what the hell is FODMAP?"

You are damn right that it ain't fun and it really isn't a flippent thing that you should take lightly if you don't want things to progress, despite the impression you got from your doc.

Bless your doctors heart, there is a need for what they do, and there is one thing we need to get straight as you embark on your journey to fixing your gut! Each doctor, nurse, nutritionist, holistic practitioner, coach, mentor have a different set of tools in their tool box. Going to a life coach for medical advice is kind of silly, and so is going to your doctor for nutrition advice. So you will need to utilize several toolboxes to address all that is going on, but you also need to make sure you are asking in the right areas.

Going to your doctor and asking for nutrition advice, for prevention or for supplement recommendations is like going to a chinese restaurant trying to order italian... they don't serve it and they can't deliver it! In fact they were never taught to make!

If you want to manage a symptom, determine a diagnosis, recieve testing or a prescription, an operation or need emergency medical care you guessed it your doc is the best place to go, NOT your life coach! And you will need your doctor along the way to continue to monitor with tests.

If you want to know what to eat and when to eat it to prevent a flare, if you want to get to the root of what's causing your diarrhea or constipation in your individual body and resolve that to prevent it from coming back and if you want support, guidance and a clear plan to guide you through your journey to fixing your gut, then tapping into the holistic world like a nutritionist is where it is at!

No one area is the be all end all. Let's bring both of these worlds together and start asking for help from the right tools boxes.

So I will ask you do you want to just rid the occassional good stretch or do you want to get rid of it once and for all?

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