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What's A Food Sensitivity & How To Determine Yours

You might think you are sensitive or allergic to all foods given it doesn't seem to matter what you eat, your gut has something (not so friendly) to say about it.

In fact, it's possible you can't seem to figure out which food is causing the problem because you can eat something one day and feel totally fine, but eat it the next day and pay the price with gas, bloating, or worse, waiting to poop or waiting to STOP pooping. So does this mean you have food sensitivities?

If despite eliminating endless foods, your symptoms aren't getting any better, you must watch this to learn what practitioners AREN'T telling you before you pay the big bucks to get food sensitivity testing done, that is making your results false!

SPOILER ALERT! Food sensitivity testing is NOT going to fix your gut.

3:04 What is a food sensitivity & the difference between a food sensitivity & an allergy

5:29 Is it really the food causing a food sensitivity?

6:52 The wrong way to determine what your sensitivities are: Elimination diet

9:05 The wrong way to determine what your sensitivities are: Food sensitivity tests

11:24 Why you are reacting to many random foods.

12:39 How do you determine what your sensitivities are?

13:22 Number 1 thing you need to do first BEFORE food sensitivity testing or trying to figure out what foods you are sensitive to.

15:46 The second thing you need to do to determine your food sensitivities

25:02 When it's actually time to do a food sensitivity test & what to ask for

Discover How-To End The Gas, Bloating & Nausea Without Having To Follow Restrictive Diets & Take Medications For The Rest Of Your Life.

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