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5 MASSIVE Mistakes Keeping Your Guts Angry

Food matters when it comes to fixing your gut. It can be the source of anxiety and food fear or it can be the fuel that feeds your bodies ability to heal. And well... a lot can go wrong in between. You see our relationship with food has become foggy. While you so badly want to be able to eat and feel normal, you seem to have gotten stuck in a food rut that has you scared to go out and enjoy food with friends and family, avoiding social gatherings like the plague OH! and restricting foods out of fear.


Except this restriction has you stuck on the bland boring food train for life or throwing in the towel to overeat or eat whatever you want because your best efforts aren't working anyways. We talk about food all of the time, but all of your best efforts will not matter if you are making these 5 MASSIVE mistakes when it comes to food. In this vlog we will cover the 5 MASSIVE food mistakes and uncover how to break through the food fear without restriction.

1:25 Join the conversation around food in our FREE Facebook Group; Love Your Guts - IBS Support Group

2:28 Why food is so important, but it's not going to fix your gut on it's own no matter how perfect your diet is.

4:15 What it really means if you are feeling like you have tried it all and nothing seems to be working

5:12 Why limiting foods to control your poops so you can leave the house is no way to live and is making your doos anxiety worse.

9:35 How following a restrictive diet thinking it will fix your gut is making your gut worse

12:59 Which food group we tend to over eat to comfort our gut and how this is hurting your gut.

19:03 The bad habit that isn't allowing your body enough time to heal or gain traction in improving your symptoms

24:22 Why guessing your way through food is causing you to lose the faith it's possible to fix your gut and why it's critical you know exactly how much protein, fats, carb and veg your body needs to maximize your nutrition and improve gut healing.

28:01 What diets don't work and what will!

Discover How-To End The Gas, Bloating & Nausea Without Having To Follow Restrictive Diets & Take Medications For The Rest Of Your Life.

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