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Waiting For Testing/Diagnosis? 3 Things To Do Immediately

You've tried everything and none of it is working! It's left you hopeless, scared, frustrated, thinking "why me", "I just want to feel normal", "will I ever be able to show up my best self and live my life again?" And the whole situation is debilitating. Because you have tried it all with no success, the fear has become so great you are scared to try anything new. It'll cost money, more time, more effort and for what? It's got you stagnant and even paralyzed and to make matters worse you are sitting waiting for doctors appointments, specialist appointments and testing while you continue to suffer. But do the test results really matter? Do you have to sit in pain waiting for answers? In this vlog, Alyssa talks through the 3 things you can do immediately despite not having a diagnosis or even test results. YOU. CAN. TAKE. ACTION. NOW! Let's go!

0:00 You don't need test results to confirm something is wrong, you know it ain't right because your body has let you know loud and clear

3:29 #1: Stop hoping for negative test results. Why this will keep you sick and what to do instead.

9:22 #2: TAKE ACTION! The test results aren't going to fix your gut and you are going to need to take action, so why not start now. Tune in to find out where to start.

17:03 You aren't a gut expert, so you are going to need one! The cost of guessing and how it will rob you of the faith that it is possible to fix your gut because "nothing is working".

Discover How-To End The Gas, Bloating & Nausea Without Having To Follow Restrictive Diets & Take Medications For The Rest Of Your Life.

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