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Sex & Your Irritable Bowels with Sexologist Dr Stephen De Wit

Have you lost your sex drive?

I get it! Your gut feels like a delicate little butterfly or maybe a time bomb waiting to go off but the idea of someone even touching you let along having SEX seems just nuts.

And the second your hubby so much as looks at you to suggest it, you bring out your most gnarly stink eye you can muster up to make it perfectly clear that THAT ain't happen.

I mean what if an accident happens, anyone with IBS knows a fart is a gamble, and who knows what will happen after that!

It's tough to feel sexy when you feel so bloated, gassy, and either can't poop or can't stop pooping.

Maybe you feel like you can't trust your body on a day to day basis, how will you trust it striping down to your birthday suit for a little hanky panky?

I hear it so so often, that the IBS and angry guts are affecting people's sex life and relationships with their partners and so I'm bringing in the big guns Sexologist, Dr. Stephen de Wit.

Guys, Dr. Stephen is going to rock our worlds here, so I hope you are ready!

Discover How-To End The Gas, Bloating & Nausea Without Having To Follow Restrictive Diets & Take Medications For The Rest Of Your Life.

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