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Top 2 Foods That Need to Be Swapped

You've eliminated a lot of foods already...

But the technique has been much like throwing pasta to the wall and seeing what sticks. Problem is nothing is sticking.

Symptoms keep getting worse, so you eliminate a few more foods hoping that'll do the trick (which it doesn't).

The problem is the wrong way of eliminating foods such as:

* broccoli

* onions & garlic

* beans

* tomatoes

Is simply starving your food bacteria...


Good news, you don't need to follow a restrictive diet to fix your gut and all this effort of eliminating isn't actually fixing the issue, it's your gut!

We need to focus on key foods that are wreaking havoc for your gut (spoiler alert, veggies aren't the problem) AND pair it with a complete gut repair system to support the digestion of the foods you do eat and get you feeling normal again.

I will break down the 2 major foods that need to be swapped whether you have a food sensitivity to them or not.

AND imma teach you how to do it without feeling deprived.

Discover How-To End The Gas, Bloating & Nausea Without Having To Follow Restrictive Diets & Take Medications For The Rest Of Your Life.

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