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Halt a Flare Up and Reset Your Gut


Every time I visit my family in Quebec, I can't poop.

It's mostly because I eat like an irresponsible child while I'm there.

✔️I eat donuts (not the gluten free kind)🍩 ✔️Get into the dairy (constipator for me) 🧀 ✔️Don't drink fluids of any kind🙄 ✔️Skip meals then overeat later in the day🍝🍕🍔

We all know this is an equation for an angry gut, and we all do it! #human

Look, to be clear I KNOW you are going to eat dairy, gluten, heck sugar or whatever else triggers your gut at least one more time in your life.


It's not something I encourage, I just think setting you up with unrealistic expectations of being 100% perfect is only going to stress👏you👏out!👏 BOO!

Oh and it also doesn't help you actually fix your gut.

Restrictive diets don't fix guts, addressing the reason WHY your body reacts to food does! ​​

So let's get that 80/20 rule goin and equipped you with some tools so when you do slip, you get that gut of yours bouncing right back in no time.

Discover How-To End The Gas, Bloating & Nausea Without Having To Follow Restrictive Diets & Take Medications For The Rest Of Your Life.

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