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Self Talk For Gut Healing

In this video Alyssa talks through how to reign in your self talk to maximize gut healing.

Have you ever thought

"I don't have time to take care of myself"

"I've already tried so many things, how is X going to work"

"Maybe i'm a special case"

"Your gut is going to flare, so you might as well cancel your plans now"

"There is never anything for me to eat"

While all of these may feel very real, they are stories you have collected that are formulating an inner dialogue. Is your inner dialogue positive or negative? Does it believe in your healing? Is it kind to you? or is it telling you all the reasons why it isn't possible, identifying all the things that are wrong with you, and seeking out more evidence that you are broken?

Studies show that your thoughts directly impact the expression of your symptoms.

Join Alyssa as she helps you explore your self talk and how to change it for gut healing.

Looking for more support?

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